How to Find a Good Headhunter

Oct 27, 2022 Uncategorized

A headhunter is a person or a company who basically on the payroll of a company and his primary function is to seek out the best people for a job and recruit them. Headhunters may work for more than one company at a time. They can be useful for a job seeker but there are certain things a job seeker must take into consideration before working with a head hunter.

In order to get a good headhunter you can begin with asking around. Getting in touch with other job seekers or people who have landed jobs through headhunters makes a lot of sense. They will know who are the best headhunters and will also know which one of them is genuine.

Once you have shortlisted the headhunter you want to work with, set up a meeting and discuss with them exactly what you are looking for in a job. When you speak to the headhunter about yourself make sure everything you say to them is the truth. If you lie to them, they will not be able to help you find a good job. Also, give the headhunter a copy of your resume and take their advice regarding the same.

If a headhunter speaks to you about a company, don’t only take his word for it. Spend some time asking people and doing your own research on the internet about the company. Headhunters get paid to recruit people so it is obvious that no matter how good or bad the company is, they will try to convince you to take the job.

There are so many headhunters available today that you have to be careful who to work with and who not to work with. If you feel that the headhunter you have contacted is giving you the run around or is overly commercial and is trying to sell yo

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